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Maryland Midshipmen compete at the Cornell MEC
Maryland Midshipmen after a victory at the Armory Cup

There are a variety of ways to achieve your goal of becoming a Navy or Marine Corps Officer through the NROTC program.

Four-Year Scholarship Program

Students enter the NROTC Four-Year Scholarship Program through national competition and are appointed midshipmen in the Naval Reserve. While enrolled, a four-year-scholarship student receives government-provided tuition, fees, $350 per semester for books, uniforms, and an allowance of up to $400 per month. Upon graduation, students are commissioned with a minimum five-year active duty service obligation. Scholarship Program students must include in their degree program courses in English, calculus, cultural awareness, physics, national security policy, and naval science and participate in three summer training periods of approximately four weeks each. If you are a Junior or Senior in High School, please follow the link to the Navy NROTC scholarship application website.

Students not on Scholarship

For students not possessing a 4-year NROTC scholarship there are two NROTC courses of action available:

1. Re-apply for the National NROTC scholarship during the late summer or fall of your Freshman year. Caveats to this option include that you must have less than 30 college credits and you must be enrolled or attempting to gain admission at UMD. The length of scholarship benefits is predicated upon the student's degree plan. Students will receive scholarship benefits only for the time required to receive their Baccalaureate Degree or 4 years, whichever comes first. If additional benefits are necessary, students may request and, in some cases, be granted fifth-year benefits. We encourage you to register for NAVY 100 (Introduction to Naval Science). By enrolling in this class you will receive the majority of the same training that a NROTC Midshipmen would receive

2. Join the UMD NROTC program without a scholarship as a “College Program” option. With this path you will be competing for a “Sideload Scholarship” (i.e. a 2 or 3 year NROTC scholarship) which could be awarded either at the end of either your Freshman or Sophomore year. Please be aware that the number of scholarships is limited. As a result of the limited numbers of Sideload scholarships available, we recommend to remain competitive for Sideload Scholarships that students maintain their GPA above 3.7, score “outstanding” on Navy or Marine Corps physical fitness assessments, and exhibit exemplary military aptitude. Please see our unit homepage for the process to apply for the College Program.

As the NROTC program is designed as a 4-year training continuum, we cannot accept students who are classified as Juniors or Seniors in college. However there are other non-NROTC options such as Officer Candidate School (OCS) and the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC) that may be viable routes to obtain a commission as an officer in the United States Navy. For more information on this please contact your local Navy or Marine Corps Officer recruiter.

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